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Anyone Can Get An A+ (5 out of 5)

Anyone Can Get an A+Book Review – Especially aimed at college students, Anyone Can Get An A+, draws on both research studies and the author’s personal experience. Included are over thirty tips to improve one’s grades and study skills. The author, Geetanjali Mukherjee, has chronicled her own past successes and failures, analyzed techniques that worked, and supported these strategies with research such as that of Carol Dweck and Charles Duhigg. Geetanjali has earned a bachelor’s degree in English, attended law school, earned a masters degree and learned three languages. It was not always easy for her, though. She learned how unproductive it was to compare herself with others. Instead, she replaced these negative habits with positive strategies.

In this book, Geetanjali shares how she create¬† a weekly plan, harnessed the “productive power” of procrastination, organized papers before writing them, exercised to unleash creativity, used breaks to motivate herself and much more. She also forewarns the reader against unproductive pseudo-work.

This book is easy to read and well-formatted. Motivating tips such as ‘even a learning disorder cannot stop us from success, if we choose not to let it.’ are included. Therefore, the text is not only practical but persuading.

Geetanjali explains why it is a good idea to go to sleep within a few hours of learning a new skill, why multitasking doesn’t work, and why it is better to write a list of priorities rather than keep them in your head.¬† Further, she explains the single most important thing to do in class for academic success.

I highly recommend Anyone Can Get an A+ to every college student and any secondary student thinking about higher education.

My favorite quote: ‘It doesn’t matter how smart you are, but how much you are willing to learn . . . Everyone can grow their abilities if they choose to put in the effort.’ -Geetanjali Mukherjee

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