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Confidence Your Secret Weapon (3 out of 5)

Confidence Your Secret WeaponConfidence Your Secret Weapon is both a personal development guide and memoir which explains how the author, Ashley McLean, transforms from a shy teenager to a confident speaker and author.

After describing the word, confidence, as the way we feel about our ability to perform a task, Ashley explains how our beliefs become reality, that is how we perceive others will directly influence how we are perceived. She provides useful suggestions to combat intrusive thoughts such as thinking positively, taking action to resolve problems, and changing our self-talk.

Some of the information such as creating SMART goals can be found in other sources.  The explanation regarding the difference between performance and outcome goals is unclear. However, Ashley identifies characteristics of resilience such as optimism, the ability to regulate one’s emotions, and the capacity to see failure as a form of helpful feedback.

The language is simple to understand. Journal exercises and questions, which stimulate self-reflection, are provided in the text. Therefore, I recommend Confidence Your Secret Weapon for anyone who would like to build or rebuild confidence and self-esteem.

My favorite quote: “Understanding our worth in life will enable us to face the future with reassurance that we . . . are defined by own ability to learn and grow and persevere when faced with challenges.” Ashley McLean

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