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Every Breath Is Gold (2 out of 5)

Every Breath Is Gold begins with an entry dated August 21, 2009 and continues to 2015. The author’s daughter, Jess, loses oxygen to the brain for six minutes due to a meningitis-induced seizure. The author, Passaro, relates superfluous information surrounding her hospital stay, surgery, and subsequent return home for extended care.

The title, Every Breath Is Gold, is taken from the tattoo on Jess’s rib cage. The three books in the volume are titled, “6 Minutes Wrestling With Life”, “Again”, and “Your Life Knows”. Little information is given about Jess’s character and personality. Instead, the reader learns about the author’s experience of texting to the wrong number, the wife’s lost of her acrylic nail and other inconsequential information. In addition to relating Jess’s 41-day hospital stay, much information is dedicated to sports, particularly baseball and wrestling. Both themes are interwoven but neither theme is fully developed and no plot is set. For instance, Passaro writes: “Jess has made small strides forward, has had setbacks . . . . .” and in the next line writes: “During the last 1,152 days Maverick and Travis have wrestled a combined total of over 600 matches.” This three-book, two-themed volume, therefore, is distracting and disjointed.

Most intriguing of Every Breath Is Gold are the quotes from Albert Einstein, George Bernard Shaw, and Helen Keller which appears at the beginning of each chapter.

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