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Journey Untold – Twisted Love (4 out of 5)

Journey Untold - Twisted LoveGrowing up with a schizophrenic mother meant embarrassment, fear, shame and anticipation of the unexpected. In her book, Journey Untold – Twisted Love, Yassin and co-author, Loán, unravel the string of childhood and mend it with goals and achievements of adulthood.

At the start, the book ‘tells rather than shows’. In fact Yassin uses two voices — one to tell the story and one to reflect her inner thoughts to the reader. Nevertheless, the book soon recaptures and maintains the reader’s interest. For example, Yassin explains the events surrounding her mother’s delusion of being Lieutenant Governor’s wife. Yassin explains street experiences regarding her mother. How do these events affect the Virgin Islands’ small community where ‘all eyes are on you’?  Next, the plot to escape from her mother is unfolded. Does Yassin make it?

Yassin’s life makes a twist when: ‘her grandmother realizes something that makes her come alive. . . provides instruction on how to sew .  . and gives Yassin the creative freedom to design with her own version  and style . . . .’

Yassin begins modeling school which builds up her confidence. Shortly thereafter, though, she gets pregnant. What should she do? More setbacks and blessings come. The rest of the book unveils how the life of Yassin’s mother helped Yassin to keep her head focused and eventually to own a successful fashion business.

I recommend Journey Untold – Twisted Love for anyone with a desire for self-improvement.

My favorite quote: “I needed to learn how to love myself and make peace with the woman in the mirror.” – Yassin S. Hall

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