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LA’s Lost Soul ( 2 out of 5)

LAs Lost SoulLA’s Lost Soul is a travel memoir with twenty-seven chapters. Every one of the twenty-seven chapters begins with: “Where Dom . . . .” “Where Dom tells . . . .” Chapter One.   “Where Dom takes. . . .” Chapter Seven. “Where Dom talks . . . . ” Chapter Seventeen. “Where Dom is . . . . ” Chapter twenty-one.

LA’s Lost Soul tells about Dom’s travels from London to Los Angeles’ TVI acting school. Dom relates some of his first experiences such as seeing the large food portions in the US, eating his first “Fatburger”, visiting The Beverly Hills Hotel and Caesar’s Palace and filming at Mount Wilson observatory. Dom tells about his adventures in Kodak Theatre, Border’s book store, IMAX theatre and Universal Studios. Dom writes about his acceptance to LA Connections and his visit to the Cheesecake Factory. Dom explains his first apartment in the US including “a huge queen size bed with a white duvet already on it.” Dom also shares his experience of using Skype to communicate with his family back in England.

Two-thirds into the book, Dom takes a moment for self-reflection as he writes: ” The date was February 6th, I was 24 years and 4 days old, and I had decided to take myself back to the very year I had been born by watching the fourth instalment in the Rocky series.” Regarding his comedy performance, Dom writes: “The audience did seem to enjoy my work and I felt glad that I had taken part in the show.”

The most interesting parts of the book included Dom’s face-to-face meeting Henry Winkler of Happy Days, Dom’s friendship with a young lady named Emma, and the colorful pictures of Dom and the rest of the cast. Dom’s film, Stockholm, available on YouTube shows talent and creativity.

Close friends and family of Dom Ryan would perhaps be interested in reading LA’s Lost Soul and maybe an English person traveling to the US for the first time.

My favorite quote: “I had become a stronger person due to the various trials and I was so grateful to have faced them.” – Dominic Ryan

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