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Millennials and Money (4 out of 5)

Millennials and MoneyMillennials and Money by Jim Niehaus builds up suspense with the story of Josh and Mary, as they begin their lives as young adults. Then, the ball is dropped with a “cut in” of the author’s personal story. Reading further, the book changes gears yet again and speaks out directly to the reader. Three different writing voices in one book. Nevertheless the information is priceless. . .

Jim Niehaus pours out a profusion of financial tips and money-saving suggestions. For instance, a website to help you shop for banking products and investment websites are shared. Admonition is given regarding ATM cards and checking accounts as well as why one should have only one credit card.  Recommendations on which credit card to get is explained. What’s more, Millennials and Money, explains the rule of 72 and a legitimate way to get a car just a few hundred dollars above the invoice price.

If you haven’t already figured out these savvy pointers, then I recommend you invest in and read Millennials and Money.

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