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The Painting and the Piano – an improbable story of survival and love (3 out of 5)

painting-and-pianoThe most interesting part of The Painting and the Piano – an improbable story of survival and love by John Lipscomb and Adrianne Lugo is the first chapter in which Adrianne explains when and how she meets her biological parents for the first time. Thereafter, Johnny explains his childhood and the divorce of his parents. In the next chapter, Adrianne remembers her airplane ride to Florida signaling her transfer from the parents that she’d grown to love and respect, to her biological father and siblings. A chapter by Johnny follows, revealing his struggles with his father’s remarriage and his interactions with stepsiblings. Regarding his stepmother, he writes: “At Dad’s house Celeste wants to be a parent to me, but I don’t need it or want it, which drives tension between us. To avoid it, I do anything and everything I can to be with my friends.”

The switching back and forth of the two authors for every other chapter requires an adjustment of focus.

The story continues. Johnny grows up and gets married. Adrianne grows up and gets married. They connect with each other at an AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) meeting. While they are both still married, they begin a relationship with each other.

I have no recommendations for this book, but agree that is “improbable.”

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