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Possible Autism (3 out of 5)

Possible Autism

Possible Autism presents children’s behaviors from a school psychologist’s point of view. Author Susan Louise Peterson explains how parents and even inexperienced professionals can misjudge children’s actions. One ‘symptom’ may be viewed as a sign of autism when, in fact, other socialization or communication skills may be lacking. A parent may be concerned that his or her child is not responding to funny things whereas an experienced psychologist will observe whether the child is self-absorbed or reacts in some way. A parent may be concerned about their child being rigid. A school psychologist will note if the child has a strong interest in a particular object and observe how the child responds in speech and language situations.

The reading is slow. Some of the information is repeated. Each chapter is organized with a possible sign, parent concern, and possible perceptions. Ms. Peterson explains situations when a school psychologist might view a characteristic as part of autism and the parents disagree and when the parents believe a trait is a part of autism but a school psychologist disagrees. This book, therefore, would be beneficial for any parent who believes his or her child has autism. Ms. Peterson shares points to consider and “a look at how a child’s actions are observed and interpreted by parents and professionals.” Gifted children, communication and developmental delays, parenting strategies for tantrums, school safety issues, community resources, and other topics are discussed in Possible Autism. ( 3 out of 5)

Most interesting quote: “Habits are a big part of the environment and should not be confused with restricted patterns of interests.” – Susan Louise Peterson

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