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Power Shift – From Fossil Energy to Dynamic Solar Power (3 out 5)

Power ShiftThe book, Power Shift – From Fossil Energy to Dynamic Solar Power, gives an overview of how humans first began to direct energy. Stayton explains the earliest forms of harnessing energy i.e. using wood for heating and cooking and using animal energy for power.

‘Our current dilemma’, he explains, ‘is the 100 million tons of carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere each day.’ Subsequently, Stayton outlines why only 20-40% of global fossil fuel carbon emissions is suitable for capture, why carbon capture and storage systems (CCs) is risky for future generations, and why the use of radioactive materials as a basis for nuclear energy is especially dangerous. Stayton also relates the reasons that undeveloped Thorium-fueled reactors make nuclear energy unfeasible. He does a fine job scientifically explaining light energy. Further, he not only lays out a vision for future solar homes but solar businesses and solar industries.

In his book, Power Shift – From Fossil Energy to Dynamic Solar Power , Stayton explains what is needed to switch to a 100% solar-based economy. Lastly, he provides 20 benefits of solar PV such as 1) being a secure energy 2) being a solid investment for business, and 3) not requiring any dedicated land.

I recommend this book for anyone with a vision for energy-efficiency.

My favorite quote: “Light energy is pure energy, free of matter. That’s why solar energy does not pollute.

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