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Profit Yourself Healthy (5 out of 5)

profit-yourself-healthyIn the book, Profit Yourself Healthy, Dave Fuller, MBA, CPBC uses his personal experiences to illustrate practical business tips; for instance, he discusses the lessons learned from his worm business and from his Winetux business. He ends each chapter with a paragraph of information on how to improve one’s health.

This book is full of good advice for business owners such as: ‘Go through the front door of your business and view things through the eyes of your customers.’ Other tips include reduce micromanagement, hire a person who can do the job better than you, and identify areas where you will have the greater chance of success. In this volume, there is a list of 107 ways to reduce your expenses.

Profit Yourself Healthy is easy to read yet solid. I recommend this book to any business owner, as it contains many meaningful ideas that entrepreneurs can use to promote their businesses and their well-being.

My favorite quote: “Better communication starts with better listening and better listening results in higher sales.”

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