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The Bröntes (3 out of 5)

The brontesThe Bröntes by Brian Wilks is informational and historical. The reader will learn interesting facts such as:

*The last name was originally Prunty and later change to Brönte.

*Patrick, the father, was an assistant schoolteacher and poet.

*Maria, the mother, died of cancer after nine years’ of marriage.

*Their children, Charlotte (author of Jane Eyre), Branwill, Emily, and Anne ALL had a talent for writing.

The text, though, needs to be updated as old terms such as parsonage, offal, effluvium, and squalor are used.

The Bröntes by Brian Wilks would be perfect for historians, Brönte admirers, or as a resource to write a modern-style story on the Brönte family.

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