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Watch That Rat Hole And Witness the REIT Revolution (4 out of 5)

Watch That Rat Hole And Witness the REIT Revolution by Kenneth D. Campbell skillfully interweaves the history of the REIT industry from its infancy with the author’s personal biography. The author draws parallels. Mr. Campbell writes about the REIT industry of the 1950s in which stock market investors first began to invest in real estate to today’s REIT industry which “joins the transports and industrials, the utilities and the manufacturers, the high-techs and the lows-techs, as Wall Street staples.” He also describes his experience of returning to school at age 36, while supporting his wife and children, and then graduating from the school of business.

This book includes a list of books the author read when he began investing and a glossary of real estate security terms. Throughout the book, the author includes short morals such as: Listen to your (business) partners.

Watch That Rat Hole And Witness the REIT Revolution is quite long, but anyone interested in the REIT industry would benefit from such comprehensive first-hand information.

My favorite quote: “Over the course of my personal and professional life I have found that if you are creative, intelligent and knowledgeable, you should be generous with those good willing people who seek your advice … over time it gives you one of the greatest joys we can aspire to: contributing to human knowledge and developments, including your own.”

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